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Mrs. Myers

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8th Grade - Weight Training


7th Grade - Orienteering/Fitness Testing

7th grade International Line Dance

If you missed any days of dance, don't fall behind.  Check out the dances so you're ready to assess when you return.

8th grade square dance

If you missed any square dance don't fall behind!  Check out this link and watch the dance videos so you are ready when you return.

For more physical education information you can also visit



1st period - 8th grade Physical Education

2nd period - 8th grade Physical Education

4th period - 8th grade Physical Education

5th period - 7th grade Physical Education

6th period - 7th grade Physical Education



8th Grade

  • Complete Functions of Anatomy worksheet - this is your study guide!

7th Grade

  • Practice knots!

Google Classroom

1st period - jo2let

2nd period - w49vvk

4th period - rsf2ooz

5th period - 2ihwj44

6th period - 15tfu0