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Gerry Conrad


NOTE: The best way to contact me is through email. I do not check my voicemail on a regular basis.

Room 24, D-hall

Math 7 ADV: per 2

Math 7: per 4, 5, 6


I have been part of Rincon Family since my son attended RVMS in 2001. I entered the teaching profession after twenty plus years as an engineer, and discovered the excitement of teaching. I am delighted to be part of our math department and collaborating in moving forward an engaging and challenging common core math curriculum.


I want all students to learn that math is a powerful tool and provides opportunity to practice perseverance and creative problem solving. I encourage and use solitary, partner, and group work for a well-balanced classroom.  My vision is to have students working and learning together, finding meaning in a subject that is both fun and challenging. I want students to build concepts, skills, and a positive, confident attitude toward math.  Communication between Parent, Student and Teacher is also essential for student success. I encourage you to participate by monitoring your student’s progress and asking them to share their learning with you.


I am looking forward to a great year, and thank you for your support!


Our FIRST Meeting for this year

Come and Check us out!

Friday: TBD    3:30 to  5:00 pm


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