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8th Grade Science: VarnBuhler

Select the topic that we are studying in class.

  Click the link to check out the: 8th Grade Science Course Syllabus


At School in Class:

Composition Book for Science Journal

Pens and Pencils



Colored Pencils

Binder with pockets

Binder Paper

At Home or At SSR/W:

Online device to check Google Classroom

Science Text Book




Need Help In Science?


  • Use Google Classroom regularly. Use the score sheets and the video links as extra help.
  • Use online practice quizzes and if she has errors, take notes on the correct information. 
  • Rewrite the notes once a week and organize them in a way that makes more sense.
  • Add details and examples to class notes from the text book and tutorial YouTubes.
  • Write Science conclusions using vocabulary and have the teacher read them before the due date to see if the word use is correct.
  • Ask for help in SSR/W.





Thank you for donating to RVMS Science!

We now have new Chromebooks!